I’m selling/buying a house in Cinnamon Creek. How do I order the resale documents? 

Please fill out the request form here, and pay the fee online (under Menu / Payment Options) or by check as instructed on the form. 

How do I contact the Board?

[email protected]

Where can I find the association’s governing documents?

Under the Important Documents page. 

I want to make an exterior change to my home. How do I submit something for architectural review?

Please fill out the architectural review form and send it to the board at least 30 days before beginning a project. While review for simple projects can usually be done quickly, please plan for approval time before beginning the project. We’re an all-volunteer board, and attaching pictures, including both closeups and setbacks, with sufficient angles and quantities  to understand the existing and proposed conditions, color samples, etc will help speed up the process.